The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

The Virgin Mary
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Pope Francis

Our Quest: Stay in the Moment Where God Lives

As we enter Holy Week, the liturgies draw us - as do the words, "HOLY WEEK" - into a very prayerful time, a time to look into our own prayer life. 

When we do so, I get a picture, "Remove your shoes from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground." As we move further away from the outskirts of reality and deeper into the fire of God's reality we begin to realize that we still have some fairly deep attachments in the outskirts. 

It is sort of like a bright light suddenly shining into a dark room, but there is no chance to enjoy the light, because of the squalor of the room. This is the soul's experience as God's truth breaks into the moment of our prayer time with our Lord. The light reveals everything but the light itself.

As we start to face up to the fact of our moral nothingness without God, and devoutly say our confeteor, we begin to see and enjoy the light. Where is the light?  It is nowhere. Nowhere? The word is a strange fusion of "now" and "here."  

"Here, the intersection of the timeless moment" or "the still point of the turning world." T.S. Elliot

Nowhere is everywhere. It is the now and the here - the place God lives - holy ground - and opportunity for encounter.

Our quest is to stay in the moment where God lives. Our tendencies are to spend times in the past, the outskirts, wrestling with shame and guilt or visiting the future, anxiously battling with worries and anxieties. In both cases, we are cheating ourselves of the present moment where God lives. 

Everyday, but especially during the week we call "Holy," we could spend five or ten minutes with a special appointment with Jesus thanking him for his redeeming act in which all of us are encompassed in God's ever present embrace of love.

Father Joseph

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