The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

It is important that when we pray together, that we are together in our intentions.  Here are the intentions of FAMILYNOVENA.COM, please join us in praying for these:

1.  For GODS PLAN.
2.  For the intentions of His Blessed Mother.
3.  For the Souls in Purgatory.
4.  For Peace.
5.  For the non-believers and those who do not know God.
6.  For GODS Holy Church, The Pope and all the holy religious, especially (name those religious in your personal lives by name here).
7.  For families and their Conversions especially (name the families in your life by name here).
8.  For all the intentions of those praying this novena.
9.  For our own special intentions (say them here).

WE ENCOURAGE everyone to offer these petitions during the consecration at every mass they attend.