The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is your conversation with God, His Mother, the angles and the saints.  When you pray you build a relationship with God and others in Heaven.  Prayer can take many forms and have many purposes.  Our first purpose should always be to grow closer to God.  He is the most important purpose of prayer.

It is important to learn how to pray.  There are so many ways to pray and some are here on this site.  Through prayer one can achieve anything as long as it is within the will of God.

We can pray for faith, peace, love, family, friends, The Church, strength, healing, work...just to give a few good examples.

Jesus taught us how to pray in The Bible and through time we have received additional forms of prayer through His Mother Mary and from the saints as well.

The most sacred form of Prayer is THE HOLY MASS.  This is the last prayer that Jesus taught us before he was crucified.  THE HOLY MASS is rich with TRUTH and graces.

In addition we have so many more forms of prayer including THE LORD'S PRAYER - the perfect prayer.

Please check back periodically for additional information regarding prayer here at FAMILYNOVENA.COM.