The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

What is a Novena or a Triduum?

A Novena is a nine day prayer.
A Triduum is a three day prayer.

This type of prayer can be used for many things and can be as deep or light as you wish.  There are no rules except maybe: you get out of it what you put into it.  That being said, it is good to have a format.  With a format it makes praying in a group or FAMILY much easier -- smoother.

This time of prayer can also be paired with
fasting.  FASTING is giving up something you love for God.  A traditional fast is giving up food and only consuming bread and water for the three or nine days.  But a fast can be anything you want.  You can fast from television or radio.  You can fast from getting angry with people.  Whatever you want it to be.

Also, when praying in a group it is a good practice to have a leader and also to divide up the parts between members of the group.

It is really important to keep a reverance whenever praying.  Everyone should be focused and attentive.  Focusing on Christ and your conversation with God.


Peace in Jesus and Mary