The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

We are a large family based in Los Angeles, California USA.  We began praying these novenas together after a pilgrimage to The Vatican in 2009.  One of the prayers that was being carried in our hearts was that God teach us how to pray as a family.  In the Vatican book store, we found a little black book filled with novenas.  We purchased this book and that was the beginning. 

When we returned home to the US, we found that praying in a group was very difficult.  It was also hard just getting everyone together in the same place at the same time.  So we decided to create a website so that everyone could follow along on our ipads or computers.  If someone was not able to join, then at least they could go to their computer at home and access the prayer easily.

One day we invited a friend.  Then they invited a friend ..... and within a short time the number of people praying the novena grew to 1000.  We began to receive email after email of prayers being answered and miracles of healing and conversion.  People who were not even Catholic were praying this novena with us.  And now we realize how important it is to continue this.

We invite all to join us.  We ask everyone to join in our intentions and to pray for each other.  As a family of blood ... as a family of friends ... as a family of church and faith ... or as family of people simply looking for something to believe in.  You are invited ... all of you.  Feel free to invite anyone and everyone.  The more the better.