The family that prays together...
                                                  ...stays together.

We pray because we are a family struggling with all of the same difficulties that families struggle with today'.  Finances, materialism, difficulty in marriage, sickness, depression, addiction, temptation, hurt, loneliness, uncertainty, loss of faith, division, corruption and scandal in our church, work, relationships with friends, death, tragedy, sadness ... etc..  We pray because this is all we know when dealing with these difficult situations.  Since we have been praying these novenas together, peace has entered our family and we are growing closer with one another.

We also pray in joy.  When God blesses us ... we pray.  For life ... we pray.  For love ... we pray.  In thanksgiving ... we pray.  At Christmas ... we pray.  At Easter ... we pray.  In JOY and THANKSGIVING ... we pray.  In doing so, peace finds its way into our lives and remains ... even when the realities are difficult to bear.

We pray because we were raised to do so.  Our parents and grand parents and so on ... taught us how.  We believe in the power of prayer and have seen its fruits in our lives.

This site is for those who know how to pray and for those who do not.  If you know how to pray, you may appreciate the simplicity here.  If you do not know how to pray, then this is a great place to begin and learn.